Internet as a business tool…

Only 30 years ago…

Who could imagine 30 years ago, that our lives would become so reliant on Information Technology and The Internet?
Well it is a fact and it is here to stay, reaching around the globe and permeating every aspect of our lives.

[pullquote align=”right”]access, exchange and contribution of Information/ Knowledge, is fundamental to the evolution of human beings![/pullquote]In the beginning

Since the Internet became public domain in the 90s with the technologic advancements of the time, it was possible to connect almost any computer to another, anywhere, any time. This universal availability, made it apparent the future had arrived. To access, exchange and contribute Information/ Knowledge, is fundamental to the evolution of human beings.

The wired World:

It was the possibility to connect computers via a worldwide network of telephone cables and its constant accessibility, (the essence of the Internet), created the opportunity to provide exchange and/or access information on demand which was too good to miss for the consumer.

Suddenly our lives turned around and entered a world of possibilities and discovery.

Since the 90s (a whole generation – also known as Generation Y) – was born and grew with the Internet. These are the 20 or 30 something of today, who are entering the world of consumerism and contributing to the economic success of the country.

The wireless World:

It is Generation Y that is driving some, perhaps most, of the technologic development of today; even if some countries have a large aging population; the majority of developed and emerging economies have substantial chunks of citizens who are in their 20s and 30s and grew with the Internet, benefiting from a mobile, portable, anytime, anywhere, as much as wanted, information accessibility.

Consumer choice reins

With accessibility to information, consumers have developed an appetite for choice, to satisfy their utmost desires, whatever they may be, when, where they want or need it.

The business tool

It is the ‘universal’ availability of information, which provides the vehicle, for each and every business, to provide the answer to consumers’ desires!!!
–    Whatever, whenever they may be.

Pause for thought:

Let’s think for a moment, what our clients might be looking for or need that we can supply them with, when, where and how they want it.

Someone, somewhere, any time, may have the desire or need for what any business has to offer, if they can find you and an answer to their desires.

– I hear some business owners say:
– Of course they can find me!
– And how do you know you have satisfied your client needs? I dare ask.
Did they give you a review on their favourite social site? Good, bad or indifferent?
On this topic, the great majority of businesses, including some major corporations, don’t have a clue how or why; they should interact with their customers online.

For those of us, that use the Internet regularly, we know how easy our lives have become, in the acquisition of knowledge, information, the ability to communicate 24/7 and the possibility to carry out an immediate transaction when it suits ‘us’; few would disagree, that it is, not only liberating but also immensely satisfying, to be able to appease our deepest desires as consumers. A simple pleasure.

So why should we have to call someone to get the info wanted/ needed?