Drinks on the house – Madness or Sheer Briliance

In a recent edition of London’s “Evening Standard” an article presented a new business in Surrey, offering “Free Drinks” to its punters.

On paper the idea looks like a stroke of brilliance on the part of the owner, in reality, will it survive and become the true “retail revolution” as claimed by the proprietor or just another 15 minute wonder?

It seems the new venture certainly has caused quite a sensation both locally and nationally, with plans a foot to expand the business model to other parts of the country.

Personally I congratulate Simon on being brave to go against the grain and provide the consuming public with a fresh approach to drinking and socialising, by creating  a completely new way of doing business in the trade.

Innovation and adaptation seems to be key in a changing World, where customers have different and selective tastes, needs and aren’t afraid to voice them.

I certainly welcome everybody’s comments and views on this and perhaps other matters relating to hospitality.